Access – Bottle Unscrambler with soundproof enclosure

The ACCESS bottle unscrambler has an enclosure which enables full access to the interior of the unit, for ease of inspection, maintenance and cleaning tasks.
When in operation, its multiple windows allow you to see from the outside what is happening at any time, and to inspect the unit without having to stop production.
ACCESS ensures full visibility with «zero» access to moving parts. Its safety system prevents the opening of doors, windows and access panels while the machine is running.

The Access Series unscramblers for plastic bottles have a simple and quick format changeover, just by unplugging the existing set of selecting pieces and funnels when done working with a certain bottle format and plugging in the new set, required for the new bottles to be positioned. This operation is done in just a few minutes without tools or adjustments.
Format Changeover
Automatic Changeover