Privacy policy and data protection

Contact Information of the Data Protection Manager:

Manager: Posimat, S.A.
Address: Av. Arraona, 23, 08210 Barberá del Vallés (Barcelona)
Web page: www.posimat.com
Telephone: +34 937297610

Contact data for the purpose of the exercise of rights:
E-mail: gdpr@posimat·com
Security Manager: José Luis Campillo

Data stored and data sources

We manage personal data that we receive directly from you, whether you are a representative of your company, a customer, provider, agent, collaborator, or have any other type of professional or business relationship established with us.

Additionally, it is possible that we have personal data from participating in a current personnel selection process or because you have freely chosen to provide us with your data for other selection processes in the future, in which case we will inform you of your rights and of the inclusion of the personal data in our files. Your data will be deleted one year after their reception, except when there are current selection processes for those participating or if it is considered that there is a future interest for the company.

We do not obtain personal data through third parties. Our data source is always your direct business or company relationship with us or through the forms that you have filled out on our web page in which you have requested information from us about our products.

The processed personal data may be the following: first name, last names, address, other contact information (telephone, email), identification number or passport number, other identification data. We do not store data that are the object of special protection.

Purposes of the data processing.

Posimat, S.A. processes personal information in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation, and all related current regulations.

Specifically, we only use the personal data for the following purposes:

• In compliance with our contractual relationships with customers, providers, collaborators, employees, etc.
• Managing the data provided by candidates in personnel selection processes
• Managing any type of information request made by our customers or service assistance requests.
• Video surveillance data for protection against intruders and access systems data for the control and security of entry into our facilities.
• Sending business communications to our customers for matters such as new products or catalogs, notices of trade shows or conventions, or other similar events

Data protection and maintenance

All employees in our organization who have access to the data have been informed of and have received training for their obligations of protection and confidentiality of said data.
If Posimat, S.A uses the services of external providers in order to perform the tasks described above, said providers shall be required to comply with the same data protection rules set out by Posimat, S.A.

Posimat, S.A. shall never transfer your data to countries outside the EU or to third parties except when required by competent public or judicial authorities, in compliance with legal obligations.

The data shall be kept in our files as long as it is necessary to fulfill the contracts that bind us and for the sending of commercial information of our products and services, except when their deletion is requested.


Any interested parties may, under the terms established in the Reglamento General de Protección de Datos (General Data Protection Regulation) of the EU, exercise their rights to access, rectification, deletion, limited processing, transfer or opposition to the personal data processing, by sending electronic mail to the address gdpr@posimat·com, calling the telephone number + 34 937297610 or by sending a letter by regular mail to Posimat, S.A., Av. Arraona, 23 (P.O. Box 306), 08210 Barberá del Vallés (Barcelona), with accompanying documentary proof of your identity in the latter case.