The History of POSIMAT

2019 Posimat presents its new POSICAP cap feeder and sells its first new machine.
2018 It manufactures the new ASEPTIC positioner, designed for small vials and containers that work without compressed air.
2017 Multi-position changeover system developed for POSIJET air conveyor
2017 INDUSTRY 4.0. technology implemented. Optional for all POSIMAT equipment
2016 First POSIMAT-BOT. Unscrambler model that rotates the containers 0 - 360º
2016 First POSIJAR- Unscrambler with elevator selection (special for pots, jars…)
2015 First POSIBLOCK – Unscrambler in monoblock with the filler
2013 First POSIFLEX-M. Unscrambler with manual and adjustable changeover system
2012 First POSIRINSER. Unscrambler with air cleaning system
2008 The first POSIJET-AIR-CUSHION conveyor, for transporting trays, boxes,…
2006 The first MONOCHUTE high speed unscrambler.
2004 The first VERTIJET® air conveyor for bottles by the neck. This is the only system capable of transporting bottles vertically from 0º to 90º, even with accumulated bottles.
The first POSIPHARMA unscrambler designed for pill bottles, commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry.
2002 MULTICHUTE, a high-speed unscrambler. 
The first BOX DUMPER.
2001 The first POSIJET-CANS aligner, for aluminium cans.
1999 POSI-SWITCH, a simplification of the previous system used for cylindrical bottles, replaced years later by the COBA system.

The first POSISILO silo for super-light PET bottles, with a free-fall output system.
1998 The first POSIFLEX unscrambler, the only system with an instantaneous and automatic format change for any type of bottle. There is still no other system in the world that can offer similar performance features.
1997 Change of premises to current location.
The first bottle air conveyor, POSIJET, the only air conveyor with a twin guide on each side and an air jet between the two. Perfect for difficult, conical or short-necked bottles which other systems cannot transport.
The first twin-body ACCESS BI unscrambler for large productions with a POSITRANS output conveyor.
1996 The first POSIMAX unscrambler with an automatic change format using an artificial vision camera.
1995 The first N unscrambler in the ACCESS series, with an open funnel ideal for PET bottles.
1994 The first TWIN-MASTER and TRI-MASTER unscramblers (with double and triple bowls for high production levels).
1993 The first MASTER unscrambler: the economical range of unscramblers.
The first POSIPUCKS unscrambler, to convey unstable bottles in pucks.
1992 The first low friction segment box to keep the bottles from rubbing against the sides of the machine and thus avoiding scratches and damages to the bottles.
The first POSITUBE unscrambler for plastic tubes.
1990 The first POSIMASTER unscrambler
1990 DEPEMAT, the first depalletizer designed to deliver plastic bottles to the unscrambler (without "inliner")
1989 The first POSIGRAF unscrambler, for the silk-screening industry.
1987 The first linear orientor, the GIRAMAT.
1986 Jaime Martí establishes POSIMAT, S.A., with the same name as his machine.
1985 The first MICRO unscrambler model for small bottles in the pharmaceutical industry.
1983 The first ultra-rapid format change and the first automatic rejection system for defective bottles installed on an unscrambler.
1977 Jaime Martí manufactures the first POSIMAT unscrambler, the STANDARD model.
This signified the introduction of rotary unscramblers in the bottling industry.
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