Table top conveyors

The conveyor is comprised of a stainless steel structure with legs that rest on the floor. The conveyor belt, which carries the bottles, rests on this structure.

The table top conveyor can include vacuum or not, depending on whether it will transport empty bottles or empty bottles inserted in pucks.

In particular, our table top conveyors with vacuum are especially designed for flat-base empty bottles. By adding vacuum, we ensure the necessary stability of the bottles on the conveyor. A flexible tube connects the vacuum nozzle to the fan inside the conveyor. The fan generates the necessary vacuum through the perforations and enables the bottles to stick to the belt.

There are different configurations available based on the type of bottle: X-BOX transfer, fixed guides on curves/transfers, double/roller lateral guides, and covered.

Guides can be adjusted quickly and simply without tools, unlike other conveyor systems.
table top conveyor