The DEPEMAT depalletizer is a fully automatic machine, specifically designed to easily and reliably move plastic bottles from pallets to the POSIMAT unscrambler feeding system. This equipment works with flat sheet pallets and trays with folded down edges.

As a novelty, we also have a new generation of robotic depalletizers, designed with a modular concept, using a robotic arm. Each solution is tailored to the application to increase performance and efficiency through robotic automation.

With our new robotic depalletizer, we expand the range of depalletizing solutions, with a series of equipment that range from the semi-automatic option to the fully automatic one; designed in a modular way to facilitate its upgrade. Adaptable to all types of containers / bottles / gallons and presentations. It allows the handling of all types of separator trays, flat and with edges folded up or down.. TECHNICAL INFORMATION