Posimat bottle air conveyor

Plastic bottle air conveyor, Plastic bottle air conveyors
Posimat air conveyors for plastic bottles unique advantages:
The double guide profile encapsulates the bottle above and below the neck ring. That  means:
perfil doble guia
It avoids any marking on the bottle neck

It reduces the risk of air turbulences, creating more bottle stability even at very high line speeds

Precisely directed airflow
corriente aire
It reduces contamination risk

It maintains the bottle in vertical position at high speeds.

It reduces bottle jams.

It increases bottle velocity.
It reduces the friction
The airflow in Posijet conveyor creates a cushion of air between the guides and the bottle neck ring which greatly reduces the friction, resulting in:
Lower operating air pressure
Reduction of the fan power consumption
Double guide >> Directed airflow >> Reduces friction

The only efficient system for bottles with short neck

The Posijet’s blow profile precisely directs the air flow to the body of the bottle, rather than to the neck, moving the bottle more vertically and thus more efficiently,  even with  very short neck bottles.

botellas cuello corto

It allows to convey bottles that other systems cannot
transportar botellas1
transportar botellas2
transportar botellas3


the first and only vertical air conveyor capable of an elevation (or loweration) of bottles, handling inclinations from 0 to 90⁰ in accumulation or without.
See specific technical information

sistema vertijet

Airflow filtration is available in 3 different versions in order to meet any required specification:

  • Standard
  • Mediclean
  • Aseptic
Automatic changeover (optional)
Bottle jam detection (optional) through an electronic detecting system.
System of hinged units to change the height when receiving and delivering bottles depending on the different bottle heights.
Automatic cleaning C.I.P. (optional)

Automatic airflow control system via  PLC
Depending on single bottles (minimum pressure), batches or partial accumulation (medium pressure) and full accumulation (maximum pressure)

aire plc

Posijet’s modular construction allows the incorporation of dividers (switchgates) and combiners

transportadores flexibilidad