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POSIJET, the only air conveyor with twin guides. Amongst this machine's many possibilities, it's well worth mentioning the VERTIJET system, the first and only vertical air conveyor able to raise (or lower) bottles on slopes from 0 to 90º.

This system's features allow it to efficiently handle bottles that other systems cannot transport:

  • A twin-guide profile encapsulates the bottle above and below the neck ring, thus avoiding leaving marks on the bottle's neck and providing better stability to the bottle, even at very high production line speeds.
  • The single bi-directional opening directs a current of air around the neck and the main part the bottle with precision. This reduces the levels of contamination and jams, increases the speed of the bottles move and keeps them in the vertical position, even at high speeds.
  • Efficient with short-necked bottles. With POSIJET, the current of air is directed with precision, so it can be directed towards specific parts of the bottles, even on short-necked bottles.

The current of air creates an air cushion between the guides and the ring on the bottle neck, which notably reduces friction, which in turn lowers the air pressure needed during the operation and a reduction in energy consumption for operating the fan. TECHNICAL INFORMATION
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