Micro Aseptic

micro aseptic pharmaceutical unscramblers

The main characteristics of the POSIMAT MICRO ASEPTIC Unscrambler are: 

• It offers higher yields in positioning, compared to other systems, reaching production speeds of up to 120 units/min with a single unit.
 It does not use compressed air for its operation.
• Its design is adapted to the GMP needs of each customer; it is ideal for automation solutions for your line in the pharmaceutical industry 
• Manufactured in materials and finishes required by each client, it can be manufactured in stainless steel 304 and 316L, POM, etc...
• Design options adaptable to rooms with aseptic laminar flow.
• Ultra-reliable equipment, easy to use, simple design, no need for operator handling and supervision.
• Practically no maintenance.
• Quick and simple format change-over (in one piece), without tools
• Repetitive format change-over, no need for subsequent adjustments.
• Ability to add future formats.

pharma bottles for unscrambler